Add an expert to save you from the pain

Use An Expert

We are all getting used to the concept of a virtual / hybrid event, where there is a combination of virtual (video and/or conference call) and a traditional in-person event held across one or more locations. Its taken a bit of getting used to, but by now I think all of us have seen the benefit of having it as part of your event mix. But, I would urge you to note, that your virtual event can be so much more than a Zoom meeting.

What we have learned.

  • 1) – it’s never been more crucial to have experts as part of your team so they can do what they do well, and you can focus on your core business and customer; and
  • 2) we need to remember more than ever before that with an event, no matter what your methodology of delivery, you are dealing with a human – your customer or potential customer….so who is concentrating on them?

These two simple statements scream – use an expert.

Designing, preparing, and delivering an event online is not a simple Zoom meeting. It does require you to prepare your program, inclusions, entertainment, MC, speakers….all the elements you would if you were going to a venue.

Then there are a whole host of things that you think you no longer have to organise like welcome drinks, or catering, or the customer meet and greet process, or the room décor – but….there are a host of other elements that simply replace that.

The digital space creates efficiencies, but it also creates a vacuum where the attendee will or will not fill. That leaves a whole lot to chance….a big part of the story that you are not telling. So that gap is an opportunity for you to fill with different content, different ways to layer your story and different ways for viewers to engage with your brand.

We talk a lot at Big Fish Events about layering events, so the customer can continue to discover things through your event along with your message continuously but subtly reinforcing your message.

Our team also has a “producing” capability. An old fashioned job title that has never been more relevant.

The future of events is pointing to the fact that event organisers will incorporate some form of virtual event on an ongoing basis….so get used to it, have fun with it and get your expert added to your team so you don’t miss that opportunity.

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