Be Brave

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At Big Fish Events Group, one of our core values is to be brave. Brave enough to make recommendations or decisions for our industry colleagues and clients that bring about the best possible outcomes.

Can I encourage you to….continue to be brave.

As a business owner, you already have a certain amount of “houzz bar” in your DNA….but you might need to add a few things to your tool kit as we work through this.

Its hard.

I get it.

You didn’t do anything wrong.

I get it.

But, that being said, are you doing everything you can do to make sure you are not only here on the other side, you are taking up, creating opportunities, forging relationships and making your position in the market place seen?

If you had just started planning your event in October, or have just run one back in July….optimism would have re-entered your life.

Only to be taken back really quickly.

Don’t give up, just find another way.

Your event can go online; not a Zoom meeting on steroids, but a purposefully designed event program using a platform tailored in features and costs.

Benefits for you and your customer to hosting a hybrid or virtual event

  • BFEG can design a new “attendee experience” using the benefits of the tech
  • You can present content and entertainment like never before
  • We can design a “pre-event” experience for your guests – not in attendance – with a specific delivery to their workplace or home!
  • Access to speakers from all over the globe becomes possible with travel and extra costs now not being a factor
  • Your audience can grow exponentially including many that may have not attended in the past
  • Real time information can be transmitted with access to presentation and speech notes
  • Considerable content is available for you to share, use and re-use including follow up “replay events” creating a second experience or an opportunity to seek a secondary audience

We need to find a way to be vigilant and yet still operate. We need to find a way to follow the health advice and yet still allow commercial transaction to still occur.

Fear only exists if you are yet to find a solution that gives you confidence.

Take stock, pick up the phone, ask the question – you may be surprised at what the answer is…..Melissa Dunbar, Found & CEO and passionate advocate that we are there and we get to the other side.

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