Before you take the virtual plunge, TEST, TEST and TEST!

Virtual Test

With so many of us going from talking about using online tech for a client event to actually having to, make sure you put as much time into pre-planning content, working on quality graphics and rehearsals. There are many benefits to going online:

  • Your budget will look very different with obvious savings on associated travel expenses, food and beverage and other associated venue costs
  • The audience you can open yourself up to is vastly different – its going from local to global
  • You will walk away with ready made content for repurposing and or replaying to support your ongoing programs and/ or marketing
  • Testing can happen at any time of the night or day, at your convenience with ample time for adjustments

Things that you should test before running a Webinar, Livestream or Virtual Event:

  • Are your screen presentations going to entice the audience and keep them engaged when looking at a screen rather than being too busy or complicated? Test them with a small trusted group.
  • What membership level do you have on the platform you are using – are their limitations for attendees, time limitations on the presentation, recording capability and replay/reissue options? Check that and have a contingency if you are oversubscribed. The last thing you want is with a potential new customer checking you out for the first time to have a bad experience! Test out your parameters.
  • Can you take questions, and do you have a capacity to moderate them?
  • What’s your internet speed like? Match your file sizes.
  • Are you well practiced in operating live – that is flicking between you on screen and your presentation if on a webinar for example?

Take your time to get it right, but don’t take forever to get out there and try it out for your business. Don’t expect your first one to be brilliant.

Before you go live, TEST, TEST, TEST!

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