Being brave!

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It’s one of our values here at Big Fish Events – to explore new ideas, to ensure our imagination is looking through every option to get the client the best outcome and being brave enough to make the recommendation or make the decision – that’s brave.

Yesterday was a big day at Big Fish Events. There was a lot of new. We did our first Facebook Live, we launched a funnel for our new e-learning tech and our CEO sat on a stage with other industry leaders to share her views on where we are at in the events industry right now amidst the pandemic and what we can do to support SA bouncing back.

At the end of the day we all sat back and exhaled.

Its been a tough few months; some days we feel like we are getting somewhere, other days we feel a little lost and unsure as to which road to go down next.

Amongst all of that though – with our own normal human responses, we have managed to achieve a number of things, quite a lot actually….taking one day at a time, one decision at a time.

Our data base is squeaky clean, our internal TEN STEP system is up to date, we have completed our COVID training, our plans and created a new STEP BACK system to support clients. We have had an ongoing client communication process….supporting their needs as they came up. Our social channels are more active than ever. The entire business has invested time completing so we are ready to support our clients and any new customers for that matter with our know-how to run Virtual and Hybrid events, or as of last Monday if you want to get back to face to face….we have a plan for you too.

Another massive project has been about developing the e-learning platform which will launch next week and we have another one ready to follow.

All those actions have been taken amongst the highs and lows of COVID. An awful lot of new.

So whilst our CEO sat on a stage and was passionate about sharing how we are ready to support any client, customer, venue or industry supplier to deliver an event as things start to open up….we are a team here for you, being brave enough to lead the way.

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