Being Resilient and Resourceful

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I was at a networking function last night and the Deputy Premier, Vickie Chapman thanked the organisations in the room, all privately owned business – for getting out there and having a crack! For getting up every day to create employment for others, create solutions for customers and in some cases new inventions for the world to benefit from.

I appreciated the pat on the back, but it got me thinking this morning on what are the things I draw on each day to do that!

It’s a few things for me, but to select two – it is my capacity to be resourceful – how do you find that next bit of revenue, that next client, that next project and the second would be about my resilience to rise to the big occasions just as much as weather the storms. How do you find a way to access that new technology, navigate that budget, create that extraordinary outcome, sort out that supplier payment? My suggestion is you stop for a minute and think through the problem – what question is it that you are really trying to answer? Put all the distractions and excuses away and 9 times out of 10 you have the solution within your circle of influence and or capability – you just need to do it.

The second trait that serves me well often is my resilience. That trait has been in development from childhood when Mum would say….”you can sit in that disappointment, or you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with it”. She never said start again – it was always “move forward”. It’s a piece of advice that I often replay – but I have updated it a little! You need to learn from what went wrong, so you don’t repeat the cycle. You need to stick with the pain and frustration and keep agitating until you find a solution. You need to stop and ask for another person’s take on the situation and then you need to decide and a path of action and get on with it. Once you have decided, act; once you have acted notice if its working and if it’s not, adjust it and just get on with it.

Big Fish Events was established on June 4, 2004 – so we have just turned 14. It would be fair to say that both of those two traits have been strengthened for me and our team members over the time….like any muscle that is used again and again and again.

If you own that business, you are in charge of a project, or you are a responsible for a family out there or maybe it’s just you – I have no doubt that you need these two traits too. Make sure that they are always at your finger tips and know deep within yourself there is always more to give so you can push that one more step.

You have got this!

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