Big Fish on the Road with the Big Cheese

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Earlier this year Big Fish Event Group were approached by Brunnings Garden Products with a challenge that we just couldn’t refuse!

As annual exhibitors at the Bunnings Exhibition Roadshow held in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, Brunnings acknowledged that their stand needed a complete face lift for their “Big Cheese” product. And the catch, the exhibition display had to be completely adaptable to be used in different configurations so it could also be featured in Bunnings stores around the country. So, we put our thinking caps on and came up with 3 initial concepts ranging from a more traditional display to a giant space age block of cheese that you could walk through – yes a giant stand resembling cheese.  As the concepts were refined out popped a winner, welcome to The Mouse House.

Working with local Adelaide suppliers the Mouse House came to life over a 2-3 month period. The house was designed to bring The Big Cheese products to life in their real setting – a consumer’s home. The internal of the Mouse House included a quirky retro kitchen, including sink, toaster, stove top, cupboards and bookshelves for much needed product storage. The walls were lined with picture rails to support cheeky scuttling mice. The outer of the house was complete with drainpipe and guttering – perfect hiding spots for the odd house mouse.  And what else could make a ‘mouse’ themed exhibition display pop – a giant replica Mouse Trap ‘trap’ which acted as a light up beacon which could be seen from across the large exhibition halls. Who doesn’t love Mouse Trap.

BFEG and our extended team designed and created an electronic game of quoits for delegates to play, using questions around The Big Cheese products. This proved to be a real attraction therefore increasing the profile of the Brunnings brand and delivered a much improved and memorable delegate experience.

The BFEG team created a way to tell The Big Cheese story which ensured a powerful connection was made between the brand and the customer in all four Bunnings Roadshow exhibitions.

See you on the road next year!

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