Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Womens Day

This week I’ve been to a couple of International Women’s Day events…where of course there are were many women sharing their stories around challenges, what inspire us, encourages us and makes us feel like we are not alone. And yet in an ever-changing world with digital platforms and fake news….it can feel a little isolating out there.

Each of the women are at different stages of their lives and careers, yet there were many similar themes in their stories. Of course they raise the necessity for resilience, for standing tall and starting the journey. For finding your voice or supporting someone to find theirs. For being grateful, and the importance of finding your tribe.

The last one I find more and more necessary in today’s ever disparate world where digital relationships are meant to be as meaningful as human to human. Also, every one of them asked their audiences to reflect, check in with where they are and share that.

With their encouragement, I not only thought I would do that, I thought I would share it with you and I’m curious to ask you the same.

Over the last few years I’ve been embarking on a challenging transformation and growth for Big Fish Events as we engage new sales channels, better marketing plans, stronger systems and numbers to help our analytics and innovative client service delivery. Keeping our core values of Care, Creativity and Commitment whilst embracing our extension values of being brave, using imagination as our super power for all sorts of exploring until we get the best outcome for our clients. All so we can do more of what we love to do and that’s help you grow your business through the events laneway.

Resilience has been needed in abundance, sticking to the vision and continuously searching for a new way to get us the result. But what I’ve added is a series of tribes online through digital channels. I’ve stopped looking at Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram as a way to compare and instead been deliberate in using them as places to share, learn, gain support and give support. Don’t get me wrong, I will always be a fan of the human to human process for my regular tribes. But I’ve decided to be ok with finding “online tribes” and there is a growing number of people I know are watching and have my back without me knowing. To those who do that I say thank you!

To Amna Karra-Hassan, Sam Bloom, Susan Alberti AC, Jessica Harsmen, Olivia Ruello, Penny Wong, Elizabeth Broderick, Kylie Allen, Sheree Sullivan, Joyce Ceravolo ….and the dozens of women I met around the tables, thank you for sharing your stories this week! To those women that are there every day in my life and have gone before to pave the path we continue to walk….thank you too you! And you? What about you this week…. ?

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