Change is the new black, virtual is the new normal!

Change Is The New Black

Who would have thought so many of us in so many ways would be switching so many things up in our lives so rapidly? Be it private industry and business or government, many months and years work is being done in quick time – some is flawless, some is clunky, and some has missed the mark.

Whatever you are doing in your business to pivot, create a new revenue stream or dabble in something different to pay the bills, don’t lose site of the regular business fundamentals and don’t get disillusioned by the tech.

We are still doing business with humans, our customers out there are still real people but with the platform over which we are doing business being vastly different for many, make sure you are adapting to the new platform and not just cutting and pasting online.

Below are a few tips to remember when going virtual:

  • Keep it clean, simple with your brand presence being low key. Remember that high resolution graphic heavy presentations will not look the same on different screens or with different internet speeds, pending where your viewer may be
  • It will be harder to build trust with a potential buyer, customer or client, so be generous with content – make sure you put your best stuff out there
  • Think about elements to add that you can, only because its online! Virtual tours, access to bigger names to attend as there is no travel time or cost
  • Again, you are saving money on theming – so can you re-purpose that budget into something of more benefit for all that attend online, or perhaps the first 50 that say YES to that “free” offer
  • Have plenty of resources to offer for free downloads and send those on the same day and drip feed new information on an ongoing process to keep supporting and nurturing your attendees
  • Promote your event outside your normal channels – you may well pick up more leads from that to pop into your nurture funnel; and
  • Offer a replay; again, online you are instantly global, but the time differences are not always kind, so offering a replay to all who registered is another way to keep engagement high.

Imperfect immediate implementation has merit, rather than taking months to build something and the market is not interested….just remember its humans you are still doing business with.

Oh and one more tip when you do go virtual, you are only speaking to “individuals” not “groups”! I am listening or watching on my own, so make sure you make me feel special!

Let us know how you get on? We would love to hear from you on worked best with your online experience.


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