Difference between Hospitality and Events

The Events Industry Is Not The Hospitality Industry 27042021

One thing we have noticed in the last few months is that there is no single voice that represents the “events” industry in South Australia. On some websites where you have to log what industry you work for – it often doesn’t appear as a sector or subsector, but indeed we are a stand alone  industry.

This week we have engaged in conversations with Health SA, Business SA and the Adelaide Convention Bureau to name a few – all supporting and pushing in one direction to gain further knowledge and understanding about our industry along with how the current environment is causing great harm.

The events industry is not the Hospitality Industry; it is not the Arts Industry, it’s not the Tourism Industry either. Whist we impact, contribute and operate within, we are a stand-alone industry that is suffering unique challenges as an industry during Covid 19.

We came across this definition this week…and for educations sake, I thought I would share this.

“The events industry is not the hospitality retail bar sector….there is no questions that the hospitality sector has been hit hard, but once their doors open and the workforce are back in the CBD, their trade will come back. Our sector will have another hit for at least 6-12 months because of the time needed for planning and scheduling major events, special occasions and corporate events.”

 We are a Tourism enabler, we support the retail spaces, provide enormous trade the hospitality outlets, accommodation and transport – but there is an entire ecosystem of talented and skilled people that make up the Events Industry. The longer certain restrictions or hold ups occur to supporting the delivery of events, we worry what the industry will look like in a month, in 6 months in 2 years.

It is safe to hold events in South Australia – and now is the time that you should hire an event professional to help navigate you through the process. It’s time to get back together and start planning your next event.

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