Do stories really help?

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Attending a live event last week I was asked to address the audience to help the group understand the real risks that exist when coming back together and how we can take control over our own behaviour to do our bit to stop the spread.

The easiest thing I could do was to share a few stories….to remind us of the simple things we need to do and resonate with the humans that were standing before me – to turn this complex COVID 19 landscape into simple anecdotes to recall, so they can do the right thing all the time.

Here are those stories!

I went to an all-girls Catholic School that was run by the Dominican Nuns….and all in all I loved my time at school. I do remember though when we had our school formals there were certain conditions, rules if you like based on permission to attend.

One of those rules implemented by the Nuns was to ensure when dancing, in particular with a boy, that you “kept your distance”. They explained it to us prior to attending as a “ruler length” between you at all times. Back then a ruler was 30cm or 40cms and if we lost our capacity to imagine that distance, the Nuns were there with their rulers to quickly put it between us to make sure we were complying!

Physical distancing matters – keep your 1.5mts apart.

The second story was not so whimsical, but innocent nonetheless. Just over a week or so ago a Victoria freight worker was doing his job….delivering freight across the border to a Sydney workplace. They accepted the package and then later that day, a group from the workplace went to their local pub for knock-off drinks. They then of course interacted with others. Whilst I wasn’t there to be sure, it appears that perhaps social distancing wasn’t as it should have been; maybe health hand hygiene was lapsed because they “knew everyone”.

Sounding familiar? From latest count there are 52 cases from that cluster.

This second story is to remind us that whilst some of our borders are closed, there are many essential workers coming in an out of States each day. They are not intending to infect others….but it just highlights that there is still risk whilst we live with this virus.

We need to find a way to live with it – but in the same breath we need to ensure that we take responsibility for our own actions, so keep being educated and keep taking your responsibility to keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a mask seriously.

Maybe those stories will help you remember to do the right thing. Or perhaps you have one of your own you would like to share with me?

But if you can only remember one thing, remember we are the front line – play your part so the last line of defence, our health workers are not overrun with theirs.

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