Do We Pivot, Do We Postpone, Do We Bother?

Yes You Bother

Can you believe it – AGAIN!

All of us all over the country have had more than one or three moments this year, perhaps 10 or 13. With offices in both South Australia and Victoria, we have had staff that have managed through the 112 days in Victoria and now our staff in our head office starting on a very different lock down and we hope a much shorter one.

Again, we have had to stop, to re-look at event offering based on restrictions, re-consider the risks and potentially change the format and delivery method.

That stuff, whilst is painful, and time consuming and somewhat stressful – it’s what we do as event professionals.

What the real question is, do we bother? Well if you are hosting an event to improve relationships with your customers, expanding your business offering to new customers, to say thank you or to create memories for others, well, the answer is YES you bother.

There is no doubt it’s been an exhausting year – but it’s also reminded us that we do business with people. Its people that matter, so it’s the experiences that you create for them that matter. And those experiences delivered through the event paradigm matter.

So if you have to postpone, if you have to get your event online, if you have to reimagine what it looks like within the restrictions, if it’s for your customers – yes, you bother.

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