Do you still need an event manager – this isn’t a shameless plug……but the answer really is “yes, now more than ever”.

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Like many of you, we have had the opportunity to slow down a little and really look at our own world and the world around us like never before.

We have re-focused what we do, discarded what is not going to work moving forward and then we have spent an inordinate amount of time in what we are going to need in the new.

The team has scoured the globe and researched the best in technology to deliver events on line; worked through what a hybrid model looks like and tested that; ensured that we have all COVID-19 impacts included in all of our planning processes and we have signed up to attend a host of events that have been held to test it all out.

Whether it be a time slot based on location of origin, or a local event there has been two things we have learned.

1) – its never been more crucial to have experts as part of your team so they can do what they do well and you can focus on your core business and customer; and

2) we need to remember more than ever before that with an event, no matter what your methodology of delivery, you are dealing with a human – you customer or potential customer….so who is concentrating on what their experience is engaging in isolation?

These two simple statements scream – use an expert.

Designing, preparing and delivering an event online is not a simple Zoom meeting. It does require you to prepare your program, inclusions, entertainment, MC, speakers….all the elements you would if you were going to a venue.

Then there are a whole host of things that you think you no longer have to organise like welcome drinks, or catering, or the customer meet and greet process, or the room décor – think again.

The digital space creates efficiencies, but it also creates a vacuum where the attendee will or will not fill. That leaves a whole lot to chance….a big part of the story that you are not telling.

The format of digital leave a large part your story that is not being told, or is being filled in by someone else.

We talk a lot at Big Fish Events about layering events, so the customer can continue to discover things through your event along with your message continuously but subtly reinforcing your message.

Our team also has a “producing” capability. An old fashioned job title that has never been more relevant.

You really do want someone taking care of the UX! UX – user experience in todays language, just so you know we are hip and up to date ????. That role as we move forward will be crucial so they are thinking through the things you still need to influence like

  • The meet and greet – how does the customer arrive at your event?
  • Take a step back before that – how are you pre-preparing them to arrive ready?
  • What are you doing to support and or influence the catering?
  • What happens at break time….do they hang out by themselves in silence and wait for you to come back online?
  • How do they get support there and then – where is the friendly customer service person to ask that question?
  • What are you doing to engage live – and yes we mean live….not pre-record pretend live with your attendee during the event?
  • How are you managing the quality of content reception with variation of internet speed at so many different locations of receipt?
  • What the brand story that’s woven through for them to connect?
  • Is this a 2 dimensional or a 3 dimensional experience?
  • Follow up, follow through, follow back – who is taking care of that?

And that isn’t the half of it.  Events might look different for a little while and yes, maybe more tech might be part of the norm….but there is still an absolute necessity for an expert to concentrate on the logistics, the story and even more so the UX! (aka, customer experience).

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