Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Thank You Card Blog Post V2

Did you know that after each event that Princess Diana was a guest at, or charitable function, she would as soon as she returned home, commence the process of writing her thank you notes and or cards? This generous tradition was instilled in her by her father, Earl Spencer…..a habit she kept for life.

I am not sure if the newly wed Duke and Duchess of Sussex had that on their “to-do” list over the weekend, but do make sure it’s on your list when you tie the knot. Allocate time do this after your special day.

Below are a few tips and tricks that you can follow ensuring you complete your event with the same good graces that you started it with

  • A thank you note does not have to be long but it does have to be personal; make sure you write the guests name correctly and mention a specific conversation or their gift to make it personal;
  • There are many people that help along the way; there are hours of support that you get during the planning of your big day – so ensure you think broadly about who should be on that list; who helped with your look book? Who spent hours working with you on all of the decisions that were made? Did a friend sing for you at the church? Who made the chicken sandwiches and ensured the champagne was cold on the morning of your Wedding? So many people help and support you – so remember them and send that hand written note of thanks and acknowledgement;
  • If you have a pre-printed card, take the time to write the guests name on the top of the card and a personal note referring to the gift that they gave you at the bottom;
  • Even if you have an e-Invitation – take time to hand write the thank you notes and post them….or at least scan and e-mail them;
  • You should write your thank you notes within 48 hours of your Wedding if you can. At Big Fish Events that is our standard protocol for all of our events. You may be going away on your Honeymoon – so enjoy that and complete them as soon as possible on your return. You may be returning to work and life simply gets back in the way. If that’s the case….don’t worry too much about when you should have sent them – just make sure you do!

Acknowledging people is powerful….so send out that little bundle of joy by the way of a hand written note – it really is a joyous thing to do!

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