Effects Of Covid 19 – will our business ever be the same again, I hope not!

Business The Same

For the Big Fish Events team our world changed on March 12th. The government was starting to shut industries, close borders and introduce rules of behaviour like we had never seen.

Clients wanted to cancel…..”no, please just post-pone”.
Venues said “you can post-pone, but you can’t cancel”.
Phones stopped ringing.
There was no-one in the street….had the world gone mad?

No, not really but we certainly have had our worlds tipped upside down.

Like everyone we have suffered our fair share of shock; client cancellation, work put off, staff to try and keep, bills to try and pay and financing to work through.

Will our business ever be the same again? I hope not!

From last weeks posts you would have noticed that Big Fish Events turned 16. We have had a traditional bricks and mortar events business delivering some phenomenal events and outcomes for our clients all over Australia and in Dubai. We have loved what we have achieved and we know there will many more milestones to come – bring it on…..but bring on our new stuff too!

During this time of shut down I vowed to ensure for our team and our clients, our doors might be closed, but we are definitely staying open. Big Fish Events has been able to bring forward some projects along with concentrating on upgrading some systems, investing time and energy into strategy and giving staff the freedom to “catch up”.

This time is incredibly challenging, but it is also a gift.

  • In addition to the current processes used BFEG has also extended our Risk Management processes and protocols to include all COVD-19 requirements. All staff have completed training under the Federal and State Government guidelines
  • We have set up additional processes called “STEP BACK” again supporting staff delivering events under these new conditions
  • We are up to speed on virtual events, hybrid events and how to keep the “soul” still in the events – do ask us how we can do that for you
  • The office has had a spring clean
  • Our CRM is up to date
  • The digital platforms are getting new attention and our new website is under design
  • And I still have a list to get to…..

Don’t worry, we are human, and we have had days where we are not sure what’s going on at all. I have had days where I think I might be crumbling under the stresses and strains of the business framework. We have been unsure about how or why we are keeping busy, if there is no end in sight….and there has been those expected moments of “the nothing is too much to bare”.

The entire team has benefited from slowing down, thinking more deeply and finding a resting place at the end of each day to admire the simple things achieved.

The shorter days and or shorter weeks has opened up space for us to bring forward some new projects too. Our new e-learning platform is only weeks away from launching its first wave…setting it out into the world, to make the world of events a better place.

Clearer thinking, open minds….stronger systems – they are all there for you to access for your advantage. We have been able to nurture our own creativity, how tech can make our lives better, stock up on stores of new ideas, new solutions to support our clients and or our fellow industry colleague with, now or when they are ready. Our new e-learning and digital world….that will be there for the benefit of many.

So much has changed; some of it will come back, but its ok to welcome in the new and discard elements that were not serving our clients or their customers.

So will our business ever be the same again….I hope not.

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