Mothers Day – DIY

Mothers Day Diy

With Mothers Day ahead like many other things we will need to look at how we celebrate it and thanks our Mums differently for 2020. Different states in Australia have slightly different rules, but regardless with us all trying to do the right thing with social distancing, you can still make Mother’s Day a little special, theming your table by doing it yourself.

Creativity is a core ingredient when we look to work with any client for any event at a meeting, conference or special gala. But creativity also does not have to mean big budget, imported decor items or even over the top floral. Nope, you can theme your Mother’s Day table if you get a little creative with what might be around the home and DIY.

A few tips from us….add your own creativity and voila – a gorgeous table you did yourself!

  • What’s in your garden? Do you have a lemon tree bearing fruit, or a rosemary bush that is blooming? If you do, pick fruit; the way you get it “really glossy” is by giving it a good polish with a microfibre cloth and then a quick spray with hairspray for extra shine! (PS wash thoroughly again if you are going to eat them!)
  • What’s in the mending or present wrapping box? Any ribbons you have kept from a fabulous gift you received? Any plain Christmas ribbons you can re-purpose? Choose one that might give you a pop of colour as part of your theme, iron it and weave it through a bowl of lemons or a platter of mixed fruits…to layer in some interest.
  • Get the kids involved with making name tags – use string or ribbon to add that special touch – you might even have some glitter in the cupboard too.
  • Not everyone has linen napkins or matching table placemats sitting there with a readymade theme – but if you do, get them out – use them! We shouldn’t be waiting for a rainy day to use them, use them all now, enjoy them now – and that goes for your good glasses too. And if you don’t, then a little family craft time will create something you can use to add colour to your table. Oh, and a hot tip – turn wrapping paper into a table runner…..its a little trick we use sometimes to be the base of our theme!
  • And don’t forget what you might have sitting there decorating your back table, porch setting or inside on your kitchen bench….do you have any fab little pots of succulents that if you clustered together with a candle or two would look great? Quick tip, we always work in ODD numbers to ensure our settings catch the eye.

So once your table is set think about a special starter beverage – what about a spritzer or a punch, with a fresh fruit or rosemary flowers frozen in the ice cubes?

None of these theming tips from our stylists you needed to go out for… will be surprised with a little bit of creativity how your Mother’s Day can be as special as ever.

Send us in your table decorations or a photo of your theme – we would love to see them!

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