My Very Own Carrie Bradshaw Moment

My Very Own Carrie Bradshaw Moment


After an early morning, which was quite frankly was more intense than I would like – I am just taking a moment for myself to re-group and rephrase my day.  I have just left Crown Melbourne from a Business Chicks Breakfast where Sarah Jessica Parker was the guest speaker. We can all get a little carried away with celebrity these days….comparing our lives to those who have earned (or not) a life of privilege.

She is skinnier than me, her skin and hair is glowing, how does she traverse the globe with everything she touches turning to gold?!?! But when Sarah Jessica Parker was posed this question this morning – “how does she fit it all in, where does she get her energy from, how is she continuously so successful? Her answer might surprise you.

“Success should not be so focused on the external view or lense of others, but more by the standards you set yourself, the moments you choose to live by.” Sarah Jessica Parker. “And how can we turn the lense and refocus it on those women out there who don’t have the privilege, the support, the help….why in the world don’t we celebrate their achievements as successful? I would prefer we do that”.

She is as beautiful as you would imagine, principled in her position and seems grounded from a simple upbringing in a large family. Lessons that were instilled in her from her mother, her fondness of books, her romantic affair with shoes and her capacity for her creative imagination to take her all over…fitting in, down to earth…and intrinsically kind. Oh, and yes, she had great shoes on!

The other great take out for me, as I was having one of those horribilis mornings, is that if you really want something that you think requires you to take a risk…then consider this as a process – What’s the worst that can happen? What’s the best that can happen? And, if you are prepared to sit in that moment, albeit brief of feeling silly, maybe foolish then just maybe what you imagine to be the best that could happen…..might only be the start! And often its never as bad as it seems.

So maybe there were a few lessons of inspiration here this morning; measure your own success, life stage, or current phase of your business journey by what you know is important, not by comparing it to your view of another, or an outside lense.

Thanks SJP!

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