Show Me The Money

Show Me The Money

Wouldn’t we all like someone to do that for us every day; be on our side, have our back and be there to motivate us…oh, and just “show me the money”?

Where is the fun in that when you can just do it yourself!

I had the joy of spending a Sunday morning with a host of motivated volunteers who are driving the tennis talent in this state to do anything from enjoy themselves, keeping fit or striving to achieve their goals of winning a grand slam.

The focus of my morning session was on sponsorship – so I set them a challenge. It was time to do an audit of what they had on their long lists that they needed sponsorship for; so, I gave them 3 minutes to come up with a top 3 – and split them in to:

  • What they need
  • What they want; and
  • What they would love to have at their clubs.

The reason we started here was to break down the overwhelming long lists and focus on taking smaller steps to get there.

The next step was to get them to recognise how big their communities actually are by checking in with the digital footprint that the club has. Its not just about the treasurer, the number of members or amount of current business support they have – it’s about recognising how big your community is. Its never been easier to be bursting at the seams with opportunities for customer groups to offer up to organisations. Start with your members, add their parents and families, add the parents/aunts/uncles/grandparent’s business networks, add the kid’s friendship circles and all of a sudden you have a customer group – a large community that can be part of the marketplace a sponsor is looking to connect with.

Once you’ve work out what you really need – you then need to take steps to go out there and get it. I will leave you with the Big Fish tips shared with Tennis SA Clubs on how to then create a “winning proposal” and take a “winning approach” to landing your very own “Big Fish”!

Winning Proposal

  • Start with a STORY
  • Describe what you do – be clear and concise and remember it’s about more than just tennis
  • Be clear about what you have to offer – understand your market
  • Describe your demographics – clearly define these with numbers and %’s
  • Describe your solution on how you can solve their problem – remember all businesses are looking for new customers – you might just have a group within your club community
  • Describe your activation – what is it that will solve their problem…what does it look like or sound like in real life
  • Present clearly your digital footprint – use evidence from the digital platforms through Facebook, Instagram or Google analytics
  • Ask for the money – that’s what you are here for, to ask!

Winning Approach

  • STEP 1 – Align yourself with the right community / business / supporter – this is a relationship, so you need to nurture it
  • STEP 2 – Make contact – use the phone, email, LinkedIn, Direct Message – there are so many ways, just make contact
  • STEP 3 – Follow up – remember that people are busy, distracted and they may have missed your email or message
  • STEP 4 – Have the details of your proposal handy so you are ready to discuss it; from information from the phone call or email, you may then update or tailor the proposal
  • STEP 5 – Track the success and communicate the results – share the success

Good luck to everyone out there – you have a community that businesses want to align with – be brave, step up and step out there…and ask!

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