When in doubt, ask your customer

Ask The Cusomter B20082020

With so much change in the last few months in the events game it has been hard to keep up – as the experts, let alone how our clients might be feeling!

There is brand new technology, old technology rebadged, simple online connectivity through to new digital and cyber attacks to be protected from.

Along with the new, there has been a myriad of risks to work through with all sorts of events…small investor dinner parties through to weddings, large meetings, dinners, galas and some sporting events.

One that is still a constant though is that we are still the supplier and we still have customers.

If I could ask one question of our corporate clients – what could we do to help you the most right now – what would it be?

And, if I could ask one questions of the supplier ecosystem out there….what do you think will be most beneficial to the industry….a restriction lifting, a regulation change, a market request – what would it be?

No idea is too big or small….we would love to hear from you.

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