You’re Engaged – Now What?

You’re Engaged – Now What?

Your Wedding Day – the most anticipated, exciting loved up day of your adult life….and the most nerve wracking.

Its starts out you answering a simple yes or no question…and then turns in to an avalanche of expectations.

The world over will this week be talking about, speculating, anticipating, placing bets on the bride’s gown…there is an international frenzy being whipped up, all around the wedding day for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

A Royal Wedding is no doubt a complex affair, but even Meghan and Harry have tried to simplify their day from the beginning of the planning process. While their church might be a bit bigger, they may leave in a horse drawn carriage or have to wear different heirloom jewels, it’s still a day that is essentially about them.

With only one shot at the day, you want to make sure you think of everything and everyone while you get it all right on the night. And with the right team around you, you absolutely can. Over the years the Big Fish Events Group team has certainly created some extraordinary weddings – large and small – while trying to achieve the same outcomes.

From four-day weddings to boulevards of trees installed in warehouses creating a magical ceremony, to choirs singing from roof tops, to a wedding waltz with your grandparents and parents celebrating your family lines. The focus always remains on the happy couple and ensuring the day is filled with moment after moment.

Our Big Fish gurus guide them every step of the way on how to include everyone, honour traditions, keep to the budget, capture the day….so many things to juggle, but it is all possible with the right planning.

Some tips to share with you from all our years of experience that might help you with your day:

  • Start a clip book of your favourite images as soon as you have said yes; we guarantee you will come back to these in your planning time and time again.
  • Give yourself some space and time to imagine your day in your own mind’s eye; what is it that you truly want? Write it down and stick to that as your decision-making framework, so you can always come back to what you and your partner want – not all the loud voices that will (with love and best intentions) want to share with you “what you should do”.
  • Set up a team to help you! You might gain some professional advice to help you structure a plan and then you have a road map to follow. You might set up a committee of your most talented and skilled friends to share the organisational load and they might have connections in audio visual, venue management or protocol knowledge. Alternatively, like the Queen and Prince Charles, you might engage your very own Lord Chamberlain and bring a “Wendy the Wedding Co-ordinator” on board to be your advocate and negotiate the best deals going, taking the stress away.
  • Don’t try to include everything you have always wanted. Remember your ideal dress shape, chandelier or outdoor location that you dreamed about all those years ago may not suit who you are now, or your partner.
  • Be timeless! These photos are going to ones that will be looked at time and time again and you always want to be proud … so be timeless.


The Palace instantly engages its expert event management team to get on board when major family events are on the agenda. Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Charles may be footing the bill for Meghan and Harry’s “do”, but they have a team of experts leading the way to make sure every detail is taken care of with consideration for the couple’s wants and needs.

I am not sure what you will be doing on Saturday May 19th, but I know we will be glued to the television watching the magic unfold.

At Big Fish Events, we do make sure everything goes swimmingly!

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